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The most terrifying time of your life.

There are potentially some truly terrifying times in a girl’s life –

The tense hanging around in the Dentist’s waiting room. All you can hear is the whine of the drill and the gasping wheezing of the terrified patient knowing it’s your turn next!

The arm gripping, teeth clenching, eyes closed third attempt to land by the Ryanair pilot when it’s a bit windy at Leeds Bradford airport…

The gut churning, endlessly waited for, result envelope opening in front of all your friends at school when all you want to be is at home in the cupboard under the stairs, on your own.

And, if you have been very bad, the long walk to the hangman’s noose…

But all of these pale into insignificance compared to the long, grinding, unescapable drive to the Church on your Wedding Day. Your Father sitting next to you smiling encouragingly (when you know he’s thinking “At last, I’ve got rid of her! Sun soaked holidays here we come!”) Knowing that waiting for you at the Church is the beer guzzling, moron you said ‘yes’ to in a weak moment of incredible, alcohol fuelled supposed romance.

So, if this is the case, make your future husband pay!

Choose a really expensive wedding car from Oakdale Executive – you know it will all be worth every penny when you see his face as he reads the bill!