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The Mystery Of The Missing Dog And Chauffeur Driven Car

A recent missing dog story ended in smiles after a Scottish man found his dog was chauffeur-driven home to him one day.

Pensioner Gregor MacAulay was understandably distraught when his Jack Russell cross Poodle (a Jack –a-doodle) went missing. The pooch had been missing for 3 weeks and Gregor had given up hope of seeing his aptly named, ‘Lady’, again.

Mr MacAulay, 76, had spent 3 weeks looking for Lady, placing notices all over his home town of East Kinwhirrie near Kirriemuir and even used the website to widen the search for his beloved dog. But not a sniff, no body had reported spotting her or knew of her whereabouts. When Lady went missing she was wearing her collar and an identity disc, so Gregor was convinced when found she would be easily reunited to him.

Early one morning while Mr MacAulay was sleeping, he was woken from his bed by the sound of a car in his street. The pensioner looked out the window to see what was happening and saw a chauffer driven car pull up outside his home. When the door was opened, there sat all regally was Lady. Gregor was over the moon with joy when he saw his little Jack –a-doodle Lady.

Lady seemed to be pleased to see him too and jumped out of the car to greet his owner, but promptly jumped back in, as if to say good-bye to the mysterious couple in the chauffer driven car.

The chauffer explained how he had to negotiate country roads and a stream in his car, in order to return Lady to her owner after seeing one of the lost dog adverts.

Mr MacAulay said “I’m delighted to get her back, but I’m a bit confused as everybody is saying how strange it is to bring a dog back at that time of night. He continued ‘The dog is fine and I had her out this morning, so that’s the main thing.”.

The owner of the lost dog website, Linda Ess, said ‘The mysterious pair had found the beloved dog by the road. She had a few little injuries to her face so they took her home until the owner could be trace as she had lost her identity disc.

Mrs Ess said: “Mr MacAulay was so excited to see Lady that he forgot to ask for the names of the couple when they turned up in the middle of the night. “He thinks they might have been a Lord and Lady from near Edzell near where they found the dog.”