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Mercedes Benz the Work Horse of the Chauffeur Industry

Have you ever wondered why Mercedes Benz are the traditional go to car for the chauffeur industry?

When starting Oakdale Executives we had to make the decision on which prestigious car we were going to use for our new chauffeur company. So we made a list, we went through all the prestigious lines that would fit what we need. There is the Audi A8, BMW 7 series, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes Benz S Class and the VW Phaeton. We narrowed our search down by looking at these five cars we thought that the Jaguar didn’t have enough room, the VW Phaeton just doesn’t have the quality, BMW 7 series is quite dated and the Audi A8 doesn’t have good ride quality.

This left us with the Mercedes S Class, well the majority of the chauffeur industry can’t be wrong this prestigious car ticked all the boxes.
Build quality – excellence of the materials used, superb engineering and attention to detail. They have a quietness and smoothness, no boy racer elements like the Audi and BMW, they exude quality and have a great reputation.

Features – Panoramic sunroof, electric rear-window and rear side window shades, Command system, extra leg room in the back, rear electronically controlled seats that recline, work desk, ride control, parktronic, reversing camera the list could go on.
Ride – Air suspension soaks up the worst of the bumps and potholes leaving you to feel you are floating along. This will get our clients to where they are going relaxed and in comfort.

So we had a winner the Mercedes Benz S Class, as we said before it’s pretty much the industry standard. But it hasn’t got here overnight there is a long esteemed history of quality and excellence that comes with the German manufacturer. It’s difficult to look at the features and qualities of the Mercedes and pick one out that makes it better than the rest, it’s just the whole package they are renowned as the best there is.

Been a customer you don’t want racing machines and excitement. They want a quality and calmness that allows them to travel in comfort and arrive relaxed and ready for anything.

Mercedes Benz