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Harrogate Taxi Compared To a Chauffeur Driven Car

There are an abundance of taxis in Harrogate which operate all day, every day. The Harrogate hackney carriage/taxi is any make and model of car under 5 years old and up to 10 years old. These 4 door vehicles pass enhanced MOT’s and range from Ford’s to Kia’s to Toyota’s. Because of the extensive use of the cars they are often left worse for wear and because of the casual nature of taxi driven service, drivers are usually informally dressed. As well as this because of the nature of booking a taxi you can be left waiting for some time for the taxi to arrive.

A chauffeur driven car is likely to be made by a prestigious brand for example Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jaguar or Audi. The cars will be well looked after and impeccably cleaned to offer the most comfortable ride to all. In addition to this chauffeurs will be presented very smartly in suits or at least in a shirt, tie and smart trousers. Chauffeurs take immense pride in their work and show that through the presentation of their cars and themselves.

Executive cars (traffic permitting) will always arrive early and be ready for the customer, helping with luggage and ensuring their every need is met. This can mean providing bottled water for longer journeys (tea, coffee for the regular customers) along with the daily newspaper and even in car Wi-Fi so you can sit back and complete your work while traveling to your destination. Drivers will always know where to stop for a break that isn’t a motorway service station, as they will plan the journey beforehand.

Oakdale Executive use the prestigious Mercedes Benz S class long wheel based limousine as it provides exquisite luxury and comfort on any journey. We also use the Mercedes Benz E class estate for its extra luggage capacity, this enables journeys which require that extra amount of storage space to still be enjoyable.

Pricing of an executive car won’t be as much as you would have expected. Remember the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ needs adapting here as with Oakdale, you get what you pay for and then some more. Harrogate prices vary but on average for a taxi to Leeds Bradford Airport it’s £25. Oakdale Executive will charge £28 for the E class and £35 for the S class for the same journey, a small extra price to pay for punctuality, cleanliness, quality, style and comfort. A taxi to Manchester airport is on average £85, Oakdale Executive will take you to it for £10 extra, just £95 for the E class and £105 for the S class. Take a look at our Price Guide for an idea on your next travel destination.

In an executive car you can pay to get all those little extra treats like a box of your favourite chocolates or truffles. They can also provide you with a bottle of champagne along with glasses for you to sip on throughout your journey.

In essence a chauffeur driven car will be a higher quality of car, will be driven by a chauffeur who has taken the time to deliberate the journey and who offers personalised service!