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The Six Nations

Going to a Six Nations game at Twickenham, Cardiff, Dublin or Edinburgh is always a great occasion. The pleasurable anticipation, the sense of expectation, the game itself and the joy of winning!….. or perhaps the thoughts of better luck next time.

It’s an event that deserves the best – you deserve the best!

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The most terrifying time of your life.

There are potentially some truly terrifying times in a girl’s life –

The tense hanging around in the Dentist’s waiting room. All you can hear is the whine of the drill and the gasping wheezing of the terrified patient knowing it’s your turn next!

The arm gripping, teeth clenching, eyes closed third attempt to land by the Ryanair pilot when it’s a bit windy at Leeds Bradford airport…

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Treat Your Mum to a Chauffeur Driven Car on Mother’s Day

Its Mother’s Day on the 15th March, hope you’ve started planning? Its the one day of the year to celebrate all that your mums have done for you, treat them to something special to thank them. You will have noticed in shop’s they are all fully kitted out with the standard cards, flowers and little gifts aimed at making your mum feel special. Want to do something that will really spoil your mum? Then maybe you should try something like hiring a chauffeur driven car.

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Mercedes Benz History & Our Chauffeur Driven Cars

You know the saying ‘you get what you pay for’? Well when booking travel with Oakdale Executive you get more than your money’s worth! You can book an affordable chauffeur driven car with us and enjoy travelling around in a remarkable Mercedes Benz S-Class or an E-Class estate.

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Mercedes Benz the Work Horse of the Chauffeur Industry

Have you ever wondered why Mercedes Benz are the traditional go to car for the chauffeur industry?

When starting Oakdale Executives we had to make the decision on which prestigious car we were going to use for our new chauffeur company. So we made a list, we went through all the prestigious lines that would fit what we need. There is the Audi A8, BMW 7 series, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes Benz S Class and the VW Phaeton. We narrowed our search down by looking at these five cars we thought that the Jaguar didn’t have enough room, the VW Phaeton just doesn’t have the quality, BMW 7 series is quite dated and the Audi A8 doesn’t have good ride quality.

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Treat your Loved One on Valentine’s Day in Harrogate

It’s that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day. This is the time where we pull out all the stops to show how much we love our special someone. On February 14th many people exchange cards, chocolates, gifts or flowers with their “valentine”. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

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The Forgotten Journey

Hands up who always forgets to arrange their travel to and from the airport they’re sorting out their holidays? And just how stressful it is when it dawns on you that you will have to drive yourself and whoever else you are travelling with to and from the airport? Yes this is the forgotten journey, all your thought have gone into the flights, packing, dining arrangements and what you’ll do when you’re there that you have forgotten to arrange this travel, well many people do anyway. Because of this, travel to the airport is often rushed. Which means the start and end of your break, business trip or whatever else is miserable.

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Five Excuses to Hire a Luxury Chauffeur Driven Car

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being picked up by a chauffeur and taken to your destination in luxury? No! You are missing out, getting picked up by a chauffeur and being driven in a luxury vehicle is absolute bliss and will make you feel like the VIP you are. But don’t worry if you haven’t experienced chauffeur driven travel yet, you will do as we are providing you with five excuses to hire a luxury chauffeur driven car!

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Leeds Bradford Airport Take Home A Globe Travel Award

Been our closest airport and the one we travel to a lot for airport pick-up’s and drop-off’s, Leeds Bradford airport is a place we know very well. This is why we are very proud that our local airport has been awarded a Globe Travel Award.

The Globe Travel Awards recognise excellence in the travel industry, this is proven as votes are only cast by the UK travel agent community. These awards are recognised as the biggest accolade in the UK travel industry, so it’s a big deal that Leeds Bradford airport was named Best UK Airport 2014. This is an award that is well deserved, Leeds Bradford airport is one of the fastest growing top 20 airports in the UK. And this is why, in 2013 3.3 million passengers flew to over 70 destinations with 11 major airlines, serving 24 countries worldwide. Previously Leeds Bradford airport was awarded the AOA 2013 Best Airport Award (under 6 million passengers) and the Travel Bulletin Star UK Airport Award in 2013.

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Tour de France 2014 Comes To Harrogate

You may of heard about a little bike ride happening in Yorkshire in 2014? Let’s get more specific, it starts Saturday 5th July 2014. Yes it’s the Tour De France Stage 1 starting in Leeds and finishing in Harrogate. This massive sporting event, especially for Yorkshire will see the riders start in Leeds and make their way through Harewood – Otley – Ilkley – Skipton – Kettlewell – Aysgarth – Hawes – Reeth – Leyburn – Ripon and stage 1 ends in Harrogate. The riders will be sprinting down the long straight to cross the finish line placed on Harrogate’s ‘Stray’, this straight will show us who is the first to wear the famous ‘Yellow Jersey’ of the 2014 Tour De France.

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60mph Speed Limit Proposed For The M1

Earlier this week the government announced plans to set a 60mph speed limit for a stretch of 34 miles of the M1. The proposal has the aim of cutting pollution. The 60mph restriction the Highways Agency has warned may be repeated in other areas where emissions are high. The Highway Agency also said that the limit would apply from 7am to 7pm all days of the week.

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Business Travel Tips In Harrogate

Harrogate is a popular spa town located in North Yorkshire. The town is well known for a variety of reasons including its world famous spa water, architectural beauty and being ranked as one of the happiest places in the UK to live. Harrogate is also considered a relatively wealthy place to live, attracting many businesses to trade in the area, providing excellent retail opportunities. Subsequently, this factor helps to attract business men from all over the world. As the town is not on the doorstep of the UK’s major cities (with exception to the 35 minute train journey to Leeds) it’s important that you research the essentials before arriving on your trip. Particular travel components that need consideration include which hotel to stay at, where to eat and what transport links you can benefit from. Below are some handy hints to help when you visit Harrogate.Harrogate Conference Centre.

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Harrogate Taxi Compared To a Chauffeur Driven Car

There are an abundance of taxis in Harrogate which operate all day, every day. The Harrogate hackney carriage/taxi is any make and model of car under 5 years old and up to 10 years old. These 4 door vehicles pass enhanced MOT’s and range from Ford’s to Kia’s to Toyota’s. Because of the extensive use of the cars they are often left worse for wear and because of the casual nature of taxi driven service, drivers are usually informally dressed. As well as this because of the nature of booking a taxi you can be left waiting for some time for the taxi to arrive.

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Drink Driving Clamp Down!

Police are clamping down even harder this year on drink driving. Year on year they have been pushing to stop people from drink driving. This year they are doing this by offering a £1000 reward for anyone who reports a drink driver, and the person reported is then convicted of this charge. Crimestoppers have put up this reward to appeal for information on anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the size of the reward will reflect the nature and seriousness of the offence. This scheme has been rolled out over Derbyshire and West Midlands already but every police force will be introducing their own clamp down.

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Tis the Season to Travel

A lot of driving happens in December thanks to Christmas parties, family gatherings, an excessive amount of shopping trips and because some people need to get to the airport as they are travelling somewhere exotic for Christmas. Driving during this season can be an inconvenience to some as it is a season to be jolly and when you’re a drunk kind of jolly, you can’t drive. As well as this some people may not feel comfortable driving in the dark and icy conditions of winter.

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The History of the Chauffeur – It’s a Horse and Cart Business!

The term ‘chauffeur’ has been around since 1896 and it originated from the French word for ‘stoker’. Stokers were employed to stoke (feed coal to) the engines of the first vehicles that used steam powered engines such as locomotives or steamships. They used coal to heat a boiler which would then create enough steam to move the working parts in the engine, and then the wheels would turn to start a steam powered vehicle on its journey. Stokers, in essence, powered the vehicle so the journey could go ahead.  Although today’s chauffeurs do not literally power their vehicles they still get people from A to B like stokers once did.

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Why Do You Need a Chauffeur?

Oakdale Executive chauffeur driven cars have put together a quick list of points which you might want to consider before you book our driver service.

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The Mystery Of The Missing Dog And Chauffeur Driven Car

A recent missing dog story ended in smiles after a Scottish man found his dog was chauffeur-driven home to him one day.

Pensioner Gregor MacAulay was understandably distraught when his Jack Russell cross Poodle (a Jack –a-doodle) went missing. The pooch had been missing for 3 weeks and Gregor had given up hope of seeing his aptly named, ‘Lady’, again.

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