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Harrogate Taxi Compared To a Chauffeur Driven Car

There are an abundance of taxis in Harrogate which operate all day, every day. The Harrogate hackney carriage/taxi is any make and model of car under 5 years old and up to 10 years old. These 4 door vehicles pass enhanced MOT’s and range from Ford’s to Kia’s to Toyota’s. Because of the extensive use of the cars they are often left worse for wear and because of the casual nature of taxi driven service, drivers are usually informally dressed. As well as this because of the nature of booking a taxi you can be left waiting for some time for the taxi to arrive.

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Drink Driving Clamp Down!

Police are clamping down even harder this year on drink driving. Year on year they have been pushing to stop people from drink driving. This year they are doing this by offering a £1000 reward for anyone who reports a drink driver, and the person reported is then convicted of this charge. Crimestoppers have put up this reward to appeal for information on anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the size of the reward will reflect the nature and seriousness of the offence. This scheme has been rolled out over Derbyshire and West Midlands already but every police force will be introducing their own clamp down.

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Tis the Season to Travel

A lot of driving happens in December thanks to Christmas parties, family gatherings, an excessive amount of shopping trips and because some people need to get to the airport as they are travelling somewhere exotic for Christmas. Driving during this season can be an inconvenience to some as it is a season to be jolly and when you’re a drunk kind of jolly, you can’t drive. As well as this some people may not feel comfortable driving in the dark and icy conditions of winter.

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